Join the next QEvent in the series with a focus on Tallinn, Estonia

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Event Date:
June 9, 2022

The Q Events kicked off this year in Boston, Massachusetts, hearing from leaders in the fields of AI, Robotics and Life Sciences. Tech ecosystem insights were shared from both sides of the ocean and international partnerships formed. As such, the Scottish Business Network are delighted to bring you another day of impactful online conferences, this time with the focus turned to Tallinn, Estonia.

Estonia is the world's most advanced digital society and Russell recently visited Tallinn to gain first-hand experience of this digital nation and secure speakers for this hotly anticipated event.

With a population of only 1.4M Estonia has proved that size is no limiting factor when building Tech Unicorns (11 to date), but how has this success been achieved?

Expect to hear about the importance of:

+ Digital-minded leadership

+ Why you need to "keep it short and simple"

+ Transparency is a must!

+ Public-private partnership works.

Free and open-to-all, we invite you to join the next Q Event which kicks off at 9.30am on 9thJune with an introduction from Russell Dalgleish and Peter Ferry - Honorary Consulate of Estonia in Edinburgh.

"If you have attended Scottish Business Network events before you'll know not to expect presentations or technobabble but instead business leader lead discussions where real-life experience is shared. There will of course be networking opportunities throughout the day and a final session where will look to identify immediate opportunities for collaboration." - Russell Dalgleish, Chair and Co-Founder of SBN

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