Enter the ‘Clearing’ with Russell in 'The Good Listening To' podcast by Chris Grimes

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June 16, 2022

Watch a special LinkedIn LIVE recording of the show at 4:00p.m (GMT), 16th June 2022!

Russell is delighted to take part in ‘The Good Listening To: The Story Behind Your Story Show!’, a unique and intriguing podcast series by Motivational Comedian Chris Grimes!

“There’s a Clearing (or 'serious happy place' of the guests choosing) - A tree - A lovely juicy storytelling exercise called “5-4-3-2-1” - some alchemy - some gold - a couple of random squirrels - a cheeky bit of Shakespeare - and a cake!” - Chris Grimes, Professional Broadcaster

This storytelling podcast series, coupled with Chris's show on UK Health Radio, reaches well over a million viewers/listeners in 54 countries and this month, Russell Dalgleish will be the one welcomed to "The Clearing":

Where all good QUESTIONS come to be asked - and all good STORIES come to be told! Think "Desert Island Discs" but in a Clearing! And with stories rather than music.

Listen to Russell’s story unfold, take note from his life-lessons-learned-along-the-way, and uncover his desired legacy.

Watch the special LinkedIn LIVE recording of “The Good Listening To: The Story Behind Your Story Show” on Chris's timeline at 4:00 p.m (GMT), 16th June 2022.

Plus checkout the podcast episode here and make sure to explore the rest of this enchanting series!

If you would like to invite Russell to be a guest on your podcast or virtual series then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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