Global trade talk for senior accounting students from Utah

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Event Date:
May 16, 2022

Senior Accounting students from Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah, will be visiting Europe and Africa this spring as part of the International Accounting Study abroad program. The trip includes a stay in Edinburgh during which Russell Dalgleish has been asked to deliver a talk sharing his experiences in global trade.

All students are within 2 years from graduation with many predicted to start careers in the largest four international accounting firms. They come from across the US: California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington DC, and North Carolina and many will request international rotations within their future firms. At this crucial time in their studies, Russell will share his experience in growing an international business, building a global ambassador network and the important role that plays.

'While our students are studying accounting, this international experience is designed to give them cultural perspective and appreciation beyond their understanding of regulatory differences between nations.' - Scott L. Summers Ph.D, Andersen Foundation Professor, BYU

Gaining experience outside of the classroom environment and learning about the opportunities and challenges that await them can be an eye-opening discovery and we’re very excited to provide the students with insights from a Scottish perspective.

Read Russell's recap of the event here and don't forget to follow for daily content!

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