Hear from a powerful line up of speakers at The Global Impact Investment Summit 2022

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Event Date:
July 23, 2022

The Global Impact Investment Summit will take place virtually on 21-23rd July 2022 with Russell honoured to speak on Day 3 about the power of global networking for impact investment.

The Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade LLC and Tacit Growth Strategies jointly present this 2022 summit under the brand Global Alliance of Angel Investor and Venture Capital Networks Global Council (GAAIVCN for short!).

Impact investments are those made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Through this event, GAAIVCN aims to disrupt the long-held belief that complex challenges faced by communities are predominantly the concern of charities whilst being an investor is simply about the money.

"By creating a more hospitable environment in which entrepreneurs and venture investors operate, the alliance will increase the demand for angel investors and venture capital. Increasing the supply can happen by improving the environment for limited partners who need to be confident that the “rules of the game” will remain roughly constant for the several-year duration of their typical fund commitment. It can also occur in programs through which the government directly funds early-stage projects. It is possible that examining exciting new technologies is more fun than tinkering with the tax rates on long-term capital gains. Even though venture capital as an asset class is small and relatively young, it plays several important roles that we should encourage." – GAAIVCN

Russell is delighted to be participating in this global conference, on Day 3, alongside other powerful speakers from across the globe.

Click here to claim one of the 1000 free tickets: Global Impact Investment Summit 2022 – Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade (gcpit.us)

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