Russell to deliver keynote speech at the Interceltic Business Forum in Brittany, France

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August 8, 2022

On August 8th, Russell will be speaking at the Interceltic Business Forum in South Brittany, France. As a proud Scot, Russell has dedicated many years to writing about, speaking on and facilitating diaspora engagement and so is delighted to deliver a keynote at this upcoming festival.

The Festival Interceltique de Lorient comprises 10 days and nights of concerts, talks, shows and sports competitions that celebrate the Celtic diaspora - a network beyond the oceans. Over 700,000 visitors and spectators from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, USA, Australia and beyond will come together to enjoy "the rendezvous of contemporary expressions of Celtic countries", making this the largest urban festival in Europe!

"The main element of the festival is culturally based and I look forward in particular to hearing the wonderful musicians. But my role is not as a performer but as chair of Scottish Business Network. On Monday 8th I will share our experience of developing a global network of Scots and the benefits secured from connecting this community back to Scotland, at a one-day conference held during the Festivities. I am truly humbled to be speaking alongside such a diverse, international line up of experts and I look forward to creating new meaningful connections which I hope will lead to collaborative opportunities for Scotland." - Russell Dalgleish

View the full agenda and book your ticket here: Conférence : Interceltic Business Forum (

The INTERCELTIC BUSINESS FORUM will focus on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship during a day of conferences, round tables and networking with speakers from Celtic countries. Many topics will be developed, including how the West of Ireland is creating major economic growth, the internationalization of Breton companies, cybersecurity and value creation, the decarbonisation of London by a Welsh start-up and how Scottish networks support and grow their businesses.
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