Russell to speak during Global Diaspora Week 2022 and at the Global Assembly

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December 17, 2022

Welcome to Global Diaspora Week!

By Russell Dalgleish

Huge week for diaspora organisations across the globe as we are hosted by the Global Diaspora Confederation for a week-long conference to understand how we can best collaborate to fully deliver on the potential the diaspora movement offers to our planet.

As chair of Scotland's business diaspora organisation Scottish Business Network I am honoured to have been invited by Peter Kwok, Chair of GDC to participate.

Peter is a force of nature and it is the vision that he and his team have created that makes this conference possible.

I will be participating throughout the week and speaking on the 13th as we focus on Europe. It is truly amazing to have Scotland represented at this event and I must thank the team, our members and ambassadors who have positioned Scottish Business Network as a truly recognizable global brand in the world of diaspora.

I have also been asked to share findings and key takeaways at the Global Assembly which takes place on the 17th where I will be representing Europe.

I encourage all to participate in this free, online conference not only if you have an interest in the subject of diaspora but more importantly to experience a truly global, representative event with speakers from many, many countries around the world.

- Russell Dalgleish

You can check out the full agenda of activities here: GDWeek21 | GDC (

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