SBN’s QSeries of online conferences kicks off with Boston, Massachusetts

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Event Date:
March 29, 2022

As part of The Scottish Government's backed STER project, the Scottish Business Network (SBN) global community has come together to identify which hubs are most likely to realise opportunities for Scotland.

Through the series of Q Events, SBN will hold free-to-attend and open-to-all online conferences where world renowned speakers will share their insight into what has driven the development of exceptional ecosystem success in their region.

The QSeries kicks off with Boston on March 29th and you are invited!

“On this first session, we will look not only at key characteristics of Massachusetts innovation-driven success but also will take the opportunity to examine Scottish areas of strength in AI, Robotics and Life Sciences and how these have developed in Boston. But these gatherings are more than just an information share. Each session has been designed to identify new opportunities for partnership by bringing together Scottish and US-based experts to explore the key drivers in their industries.” – Russell Dalgleish

With huge thanks to SBN members Joe Little, Ian Houston, Ian Dowson and CEO Christine Esson, for their hard work over the last few weeks in designing, developing and pulling this event together.

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