SBN delivers The Q Events series as part of The Scottish Government backed STER project

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July 2022

This year the Scottish Business Network is delivering a series of online conferences; The Q Events. The Quaich, for which the events take their name, being the Celtic symbol of celebration and friendship. These events are about connecting and learning from successful global ecosystems for mutual benefit but more importantly about building lasting partnerships.


This project is supported by The Scottish Government as part of the Scottish Tech Ecosystem Review (STER) which looks to build bridges between the Scottish entrepreneurial community and key areas of Tech excellence around the world.


The purpose of The Scottish Government’s Ecosystem Fund is to support the organisations and activities that create the best possible environment for Scottish technology start-ups to succeed. Scottish Business Network and partners believe this series of insights and collaborations with world leading technology locations, strongly support this growth ambition. It's also an exciting opportunity for Scotland’s inventors, entrepreneurs, SMEs, academics and champions to expose Scottish Innovation globally.


The Q Events are free-to-attend and open-to-all online conferences in which world renowned speakers share their insight into what has driven the development of exceptional ecosystem success in their region. The 5 days of virtual international gatherings link Scotland with Boston, Tallinn, Singapore, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.

The series kicked off in Boston, Massachusetts on 29th March 2022 during which tech ecosystem insights were shared from both sides of the ocean.

“On this first session, we look not only at key characteristics of Massachusetts innovation-driven success but also will take the opportunity to examine Scottish areas of strength in AI, Robotics and Life Sciences and how these have developed in Boston. But these gatherings are more than just an information share. Each session has been designed to identify new opportunities for partnership by bringing together Scottish and US-based experts to explore the key drivers in their industries.” – Russell Dalgleish, Chair and Co-Founder of SBN

Next, the focus turned to Tallinn, Estonia - the world's most advanced digital society. Russell visited Tallinn to gain first-hand experience of this digital nation and secure speakers for this hotly anticipated event. The conferences aired from 9.30am on 9th June with an introduction Peter Ferry - Honorary Consulate of Estonia in Edinburgh. With a population of only 1.4M Estonia has proved that size is no limiting factor when building Tech Unicorns (11 to date). Expert speakers and industry leaders gave insights on how this success has been achieved by covering:

+ Digital-minded leadership

+ Why you need to "keep it short and simple"

+ Transparency is a must!

+ Public-private partnership works.

"If you attended our previous Q series of events where we looked at Boston and Tallinn you'll know what to expect… Great speakers, highly valuable content and a unique networking opportunity."

With Singapore fast becoming known as a premier hotspot for business and technological innovation in Asia, this had to be the next hub highlighted. Singapore boasts a highly strategic location, a burgeoning talent pool, generous government funding, and an abundance of connections to tech conglomerates and other major players in the industry. On July 27th 2022, new opportunities for collaboration between the technology ecosystem in Scotland and the thriving community in Singapore were uncovered.

These gatherings not only share key information from world renowned experts but also are designed to identify new possibilities for collaboration. To ensure guests capitalise on the opportunities these events bring forth, SBN run a matching service for all registered delegates to ensure new connections are made, partnerships are identified and facilitated.


Register here to take advantage of these impactful events and don't worry if the timing isn't right, as once registered you will have access to all recorded material: QUAICH Events by SBN (


With huge thanks to all of the Scottish Business Network team including members Joe Little and Ian Dowson, Christine Esson – Co-Founder & CEO of SBN and SBN’s Global Ambassadors including Ian Houston (USA) and Fraser Morrison (Singapore).


Please share with your network and if you feel you would like to contribute on a panel then do GET IN TOUCH.


Next up Los Angeles!

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