SBN trial a new event format for finding connections

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November 2023

"I've heard from several experienced business leaders about the challenges they face in making new connections. This problem is magnified if you are a young entrepreneur or if you are bringing a new business to market. How do you get the attention of prospective customers, partners or collaborators? I think we would all agree that these automated email messages that are filling our inboxes daily are not the way to go! So at Scottish Business Network, we have come up with a solution to this challenge based on our experience of what actually works." - Russell Dalgleish, Founding Chair of SBN
"This workshop is designed to help you master the art of networking and build valuable connections. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this event is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their networking abilities. During the workshop, you'll learn effective networking strategies and tips for making lasting connections. Our host Russell Dalgleish, Chair of the Scottish Business Network will intro the call and offer guidance on how to get the most out of the session before our guests are put into breakout rooms to connect with one and other." - Scottish Business Network

In this post, Russell kicked off the inaugural SBN Networking Workshop. The 9am session was limited to 20 sign-ups as SBN trials a new format in preparation for a series of events in 2024.

To engage with the original post, follow this link: Connecting and ReConnecting - Russell Dalgleish - LinkedIn and if you would like to make new connections and attend SBN events in 2024, then register at

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