Scottish Business Network awards New York Tartan Week trip to two winners

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February 2024

"Wow I cannot wait for this. Just looked at the program when we are over and looks like it will be jam packed with opportunities. Thanks Russell Dalgleish and Scottish Business Network" - Jamie Burns, Managing Director of Ailsa Reliability Solutions
"Scotland's primary export destination is the United States, offering lucrative prospects for Scottish businesses. However, entering this vast, intricate, and costly market requires a well-structured plan. To enhance your chances of success, the Scottish Business Network has designed a comprehensive five-week program. During the initial four weeks, you will receive guidance from accomplished Scots based in the US and UK to formulate a strategic market entry plan for your business. Notably, this phase includes introductions to potential customers, partners, and investors in New York. Subsequently, the program shifts to New York, where you will engage in high-value face-to-face meetings, group sessions, and have the opportunity to participate in various city events. The program concludes with the Scottish Business Network team leading you in the 26th Anniversary Tartan Day Parade." - Scottish Business Network,

To share your congratulations on the original post, follow this link: And the winners are - Russell Dalgleish - LinkedIn and if you plan to be in New York that week and would like to join SBN then please do Get In Touch.

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