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Aug 2023
"Why is Adam Smith's importance more significant than ever? Join me as I interview Dr Eamonn Butler, Chairman and Founder of the Adam Smith Institute to explore this question. As we mark 300 years since Adam Smith's birth, the author of "Wealth of Nations" thoughts have been much discussed, but what can we as entrepreneurs today take from his thinking? One question I want to explore is whether we should be utilising the global recognition of Adam Smith more in our own promotion of Scotland as a centre for purpose lead entrepreneurialism ie. how does his thinking fit with the rise of the social enterprise economy?" - Russell Dalgeish, Member of the Board of Advisors - Asia Scotland Institute

The event is part of this year's Asia Scotland Institute programme of free & open-to-all events. Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Adam Smith’s Perspective on Moral Philosophy: Explore the fundamental tenets of Smith’s views on ethics, morality, and their influence on economic practices.
  • Interpreting the ‘Invisible Hand’: Understand the broader implications of Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ theory in the context of entrepreneurship.
  • The Role of Self-Interest in Entrepreneurship: Delve into Smith’s concept of self-interest and its alignment with the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Adam Smith’s Views on Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility: Consider Smith’s perspectives on ethical business practices and their importance in a world increasingly focused on corporate social responsibility.
  • Case Studies of Successful Ethical Entrepreneurship: Analyse examples of businesses that have successfully incorporated Smith’s moral philosophy in their entrepreneurial journey.

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