Global Diaspora Summit 2022

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Apr 2022

Russell Dalgleish acted as moderator for this two-hour session on the Technical Working Group on Economic Capital at the GDS 2022.

The Global Diaspora Summit took stock of achievements vis-à-vis Objective 19 of the Global Compact for Migration and saw a meaningful and structured dialogue with diaspora and transnational communities coming to a collaborative vision of progress.

With thanks to expert panellists:

  • Ulan Nogoibaev - Deputy Head of Secretariat of the Kyrgyzstan Parliament
  • Honourable Leslie Campbell - State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Jamaica
  • Laura Rolla - Regional Project Coordinator on Diaspora, IOM UN Migration
  • Kingsley Aikins - CEO of The Networking Institute, Ireland
  • Killian Clifford - Migrant financial and economic empowerment, IOM UN Migration
  • Tanja Dedovic - Regional Thematic Specialist on Labor Mobility and Human Development, IOM UN Migration Egypt
  • Kone Cõte - Cõte D'Ivoire, Improving mobilities in cities
  • Harriet Nduma - Deputy Director of Multilateral Affairs, Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Daniela Muhaj - Senior Policy and Research Associate, J-PAL Global
  • Lincoln Downer - Minister Counsellor at Jamaican High Commission
  • Sirvart Tokatlian - Expert in Latin America, High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
  • Mutende Shiraku - Immigration Specialist, GOK Immigration Service
  • Nordia Teape, Director at Integrated Diaspora Services Ltd

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