Global Leadership Dialogue - India Scotland Edition

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Jul 2020

The Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) organised the 'Global Leadership Dialogue' – a series of virtual talks by Global Leaders. The Global Council for The Promotion of International Trade team collaborates with networks across borders, sectors and generations to facilitate these dialogues in every country of the world. Dubbed a 'global reality check', over 30 countries participated in this diverse and inclusive conversation.

“No country, no community, is able to solve the complex problems of our world alone. We need to come together, not only to talk, but to listen. It is absolutely essential that you all join the conversation.” - CIMSME

The conferences spanned 4 days and these innovative data streams built the first ever repository of crowdsourced solutions/approaches to major global business challenges post Covid19.

The schedule was as follows:

Day 1: India & Trinidad and Tobago

Day 2: India & Netherlands

Day 3: India & Sri Lanka

Day 4: India & Scotland

In addition, a ‘One Minute Survey’ opinion polling in 50 countries and artificial intelligence sentiment analysis of traditional and social media in 70 countries were used to generate compelling data to inform national and international policies and debate.

Russell was selected to share his expertise on the 4th Day, focusing on:

  • Indo Scotland International Trade, Investment, Technology Transfer Cooperation
  • Legal Framework for Setting Up Company, Taxation, Labour

Russell was delighted to speak alongside Ashwani Kumar - Chairman (Northern Region) of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations, Dr Poonam Malik - Head of Investments at University of Strathclyde, Jane Morrison-Ross - CEO of ScotlandIS and Neeraj Mitran - Co-Founder & Partner at Holla Mitran & Co., Bangalore. The conference was jam packed with valuable global insights but if you wish to listen to Russell’s presentation in particular, that can be found at 22minutes in and Q&A at 56minutes in.

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