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Jul 2022

The 'Honey, I blew up the business' podcast hears Daniel Kirby in conversation with leading entrepreneurs to find out how to NOT blow up your business (and how to turn failure into success if you do).

"I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2001, but in 2017 it all went wrong. I blew up the business. I can laugh about it now but it was no joke at the time... Shame, humiliation, terror. The lot. My business is back on track but I don’t want to blow it up again. So I’m interviewing top entrepreneurs to discover how they’ve turned adversity & failure into growth & success." - Daniel Kirby, Founder & Host

In this episode, Daniel interviews Russell Dalgleish, listed by the UN as one of the UK's top 100 most influential entrepreneurs...

"Russell's a powerhouse of great advice - including how to blow up your own mindset to better get ahead."

Ep46 'Breaking The British Mindset' is an informative, illuminating and authentic episode in which Russell delivers key takeaways such as:

💥 Focus on solving problems rather than on the product.

💥 Find the number one person in your sector and reach out to them.

💥 When trying to establish a connection over phone, try to deliver value somewhere on the call.

💥 Business is about getting out there, relating with, and understanding customers.

💥 Say yes whether or not you think you’re ready.

💥 And so many more...

Listen to the interview and prepare to be mind blown with vital information for your entrepreneurial journey and infused with the belief that everything is possible!

All episodes of Daniel's explosive podcast are available to listen HERE and if you would like to invite Russell to be a guest on your series then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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