Pulse Market Round Table Session

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Jul 2022

Pulse Market is a shared cloud-based platform which brings buyers and suppliers together for good. Russell also believes that our relationships with suppliers can be a valuable resource in terms of supplying market intelligence, sales leads and product enhancement insights.

This round table conversation sees Russell Dalgleish, Exolta Capital Partners, Michael O'Shea, Pulse Market and David Lewis, LEWIS Creative discuss the pressing challenges SMEs face in managing and leveraging their suppliers/supply chain.

"Multinationals invest heavily in optimising their supply channels as they are critically aware of these suppliers' importance in their business model. For SMEs, supplier management has tended to be performed on a more ad-hoc basis due to the resource constraints we all operate by. Yes, our finance team ensure invoices are settled but do we really know these business partners? I would suggest that this is the next area of our business that technology will allow us to transform. Just as finance, project management and sales have adopted best-of-breed digital solutions the supplier relationship must be next." - Russell Dalgleish

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