The COMEUP Global Startup Festival 2022

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Nov 2022

[GEP session starts at 3hrs 05mins]

As a Department for International Trade (DIT) Dealmaker, Russell Dalgleish works passionately and tirelessly to promote Scotland across the globe. The expansion of the DIT's Global Entrepreneur Programme has also allowed the appointment of a local dealmaker, Yerim Koo who works closely with local founders transitioning their business to the UK. Entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs the way it should be!

Russell and his fellow GEP Dealmakers had the opportunity to speak at this year's COMEUP (컴업) StartUp Conference - a remarkable platform to share insight into the UK innovation ecosystem. All speakers provide a wealth of information but if you'd like to hear from the GEP team in particular and how they can support you, then their session starts at 3hrs 05mins.

GEP session starts at 3hrs 05mins.

Read all about Russell's first-hand experience of this magnificent festival here: Speaking in Seoul at the COMEUP (컴업) StartUp Festival 2022.

Plus Russell Dalgleish, GEP Dealmaker, shares his memories of Korea here.

Finally, if you would like to invite Russell to speak at your organisation or event then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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