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Mar 2024
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Rebecca Hastings of The Lucent Perspective hosts leadership conversations with the most entrepreneurial and innovative leaders. In this episode, Russell Dalgleish shares his wisdom on entrepreneurship, doing business internationally and purpose-driven leadership.

As the founding chair of diaspora organisation Scottish Business Network and Board Member of Net Zero Nation, Russell shares meaningful insights for entrepreneurs on a mission.

Episode highlights include:

🌏 The mindset required for startup success

🌏 Staying focused on your purpose and mission

🌏 Clarifying your mission from the start

🌏 Using LinkedIn to reach potential customers

🌏 Leveraging global business networks

🌏 Building an impactful board of directors

🌏 Accelerating progress on climate change

🌏 Leaving a legacy and being remembered

This engaging episode is available to listen HERE and if you would like to invite Russell to be a guest on your podcast then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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