The Power of Global Networks for Impact Investment

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Jul 2022

The Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade LLC and Tacit Growth Strategies jointly present this 2022 summit under the brand Global Alliance of Angel Investor and Venture Capital Networks Global Council (GAAIVCN for short!). The aim being to disrupt the long-held belief that complex challenges faced by communities are predominantly the concern of charities whilst being an investor is simply about the money.

Russell was honoured to speak live on Day 3 of the virtual summit on the power to be harnessed through international networks when our goal is to create global impact.

"Impact investment is in its simplest form is the desire to generate more than simply a commercial return on an investment, i.e. to create a societal benefit. Today there is a huge focus in terms of impact investment on the delivery of ESG benefits, specifically where these can be seen to address the Climate Emergency which mankind currently faces. The conference has attracted an impressive line up of speakers covering every angle of Impact Investment while I focus my talk on how to attract, build and motivate a global community around a common impact goal." - Russell Dalgleish, Speaker

The Global Impact Investment Summit features powerful speakers from across the globe but if you wish to listen to Russell's presentation in particular, that can be found at 2hrs 57mins in. Russell shares the five keys to creating a community around a common purpose and calls upon his own experiences as a case study, having built a 34,000 strong following on LinkedIn and as Chair of SBN - the international community of Scottish business leaders.

If you would like to invite Russell to speak at your next virtual event then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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