Russell to speak at high-level networking event in the Polish Embassy, London

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April 28, 2022

This PBLink event, in partnership with the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, will take place on 28th April 12:00 PM BST

After speaking at the British Embassy in Dublin with ICAS -The Professional Body of CAs and The Scottish Government, Russell will be moving across the Irish sea the following morning to speak at a Polish Business Link (PBLink) event in the Polish Embassy, London.

PBLink was founded by Bart Kowalczyk to support diverse business entrepreneurs with their ambition of growing a business in the UK -outside of their homeland, with the support of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) as their patron.

“Bart is one of those driven entrepreneurs with a great desire to give back to their community, in Bart's case its fellow Poles based in the UK. But Bart is also an adopted Scot hence his involvement with SBN. I feel it's important to remember that we are all members of multiple communities, each with a different vision but through the world of business, we can combine our goals to hopefully generate new opportunities.” - Russell Dalgleish

The British Polish Business Lunch on 28th April 12:00 PM BST is exclusively for established business owners and senior management to connect with influencers in the British-Polish business community.

Members will hear from our very own Russell Dalgleish, Tomasz Soroka - Founder of Leaware, Martina Tararuj - Startup Consultant and Darryl Buchanan - Corporate Connections London. The topic of discussion; How the diaspora can impact business growth.

If you’re a PBLink member and would like to attend this high-level networking lunch then click here to register:

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