Coming together for United Nations Landmine Awareness Week with thanks to Asia Scotland Institute

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April 2022

Roddy Gow, Chairman of Asia Scotland Institute, bought together influential figures from across the globe for United Nations Landmine Awareness Week, April 2022.

Central to the discussion, Heidi Kuhn, CEO and Co-Founder of Roots of Peace, and Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha of Poland, Forbes 30 under 30, spoke of Roots of Peace's new partnership with The Royal Bridge Family Office and their call to action for the eradication of landmines worldwide.

“I had the pleasure to join Heidi for dinner on Sunday as a guest of Roddy Gow of the Asia Scotland Institute. She speaks with great wisdom, passion and clarity on a subject of much concern in our world today. A subject that literally rips families apart.” - Russell Dalgleish

Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Footsteps for Peace in Scotland, Heidi gave an impactful talk at the Canongate Kirk Church on 4th April, the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. Heidi shared the current conditions on the ground in Afghanistan and her vision to bring sustainable peace through agriculture.

“Afghanistan is the most heavily mined country in the world, yet conversely it is a country which is 80% dependent upon agriculture for jobs…It is imperative that we turn MINES TO VINES—replacing the scourge of landmines with sustainable agricultural crops to feed a nation which has 97% unemployment.” - Heidi Kuhn, CEO

Visit to follow their work as they continue to support the world's most vulnerable farmers and traders.

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