Letter from Linlithgow - Russell's LinkedIn Newsletter is launched!

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March 2024

Russell has ben blown away by the level of interaction created by launching his first newsletter on LinkedIn.

"I reached out to you, my community, this weekend and you answered my call. My "Ask" was to subscribe to my new LinkedIn newsletter, "Letter from Linlithgow" and boy did you respond! I'm always looking for new ways to share my insight, experience and provide access to my networks for fellow entrepreneurs, with this newsletter the latest attempt to achieve this. I had set a target of 300 subscribers (every project needs a goal) so you can imagine my delight to see that subscribers now stands at over 2,500 from over 40 countries. Very surprisingly for me over 20% of those subscribed to date are not my 1st connections."

Below is the original launch post from Russell and if you haven't subscribed yet you can do so here: Letter from Linlithgow.

To engage and share the original post, follow this link: Newsletter Launch - Russell Dalgleish - LinkedIn and be sure to subscribe to this overwhelmingly popular newsletter here: : Letter from Linlithgow.

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Letter from linlithgow

Russell's weekly LinkedIn newsletter shares thoughts and advice for the entrepreneur and those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Join the thousands who have already subscribed!

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