Russell Dalgleish joins the impressive lineup of speakers at the Elite Business Live event

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March 2024

"Elite Business Live is the UK’s Premium Business Conference for fast track start-ups, SMEs and High Growth Business Owners." -

This conference features "the highest talent speakers of entrepreneurial Britain" with previous speakers including Jo Fairley of Green & Black's, Richard Branson of Virgin, Brent Hoberman of and Karren Brady of West Ham United FC to name a few.

The event took place at St. Paul's in London on 13th & 14th March with Russell Dalgleish joining a panel led by Allyson Stewart-Allen. The amazing two-day conference aimed at supporting and promoting the small businesses that are the bedrock of our economy.

"Driven by technology, international markets are now accessible to us all - opening up new opportunities and markets for your business. And the UK is the perfect base for those with global ambitions. But to succeed you need to take a strategic approach... It will always feel daunting attempting something new such as signing your first non-UK based client, but believe me it can also be a game changer for your business. There are some simple steps you can take to de-risk the experience and accelerate growth from one client to multiple, one country to many and from small clients to large. I should know as that is what I have done my whole career." - Russell Dalgleish, speaker

Russell was invited to share his insights on successful global expansion. He covered his experience of growing Scottish Business Network across 71 countries, how to secure that first critical international deal, and the game-changing support available to UK companies through the Department for Business and Trade.

(Photo taken by Rebecca Leah Burgess)

In this post, Russell captures the key points from the discussion for those who were unable to attend the live studio as a VIP:

To engage with the original post, follow this link: Elite Business Live - Russell Dalgleish - LinkedIn and if you would like to book Russell to speak at your next event, then please do Get In Touch.

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