Russell is thrilled to be in New York City for Tartan Week 2022

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April 2022

Grand Central Station, NYC

The Scottish Business Network, of which Russell is co-founder and Chairman, recently expanded into the US with offices in New York and a team of dedicated USA Ambassadors.

This Tartan Week 2022, Ambassador Fraser Grier, the SBN America's team led by Ian Houston and the wonderful Lorraine Bell CPA CA, planned events and meetings throughout the week in NYC.

Highlights included the SBN Americas reception & dinner, catching up with the Pop Up Scotland House in Manhattan, Fraser Grier’s moving talk at the Glasgow Caledonian University New York event and important meetings on subjects as diverse as entrepreneurship, philanthropy, tourism, education, and innovation.

SBN is also delivering events in the cities of Pittsburgh through Ambassador Neil Owen, Houston through Justin Hoffman, Charleston with Mike Cassidy and other cities across the USA.

Here's a clip from Russell at Grand Central Station, wishing you all a Happy Tartan Day and encouraging you to reach out to your connections across the globe... "who knows that message could kick off a new business opportunity, I know over the years it has for me." – Russell Dalgleish

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