Russell presents at the Wolves Summit in Warsaw, Poland

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May 2024

Russell Dalgleish was delighted to have been named as a speaker at this year's Wolves Summit in Warsaw, Poland on May 8th and 9th. The event itself is truly international attracting founders from across the region and investors from across the world.

"With any visit to Poland, you cannot help but be struck by the tremendous innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and "can do" attitude of all I meet. Wealth creation here over the last twenty years is clear to see as is the humanity displayed by the people of Poland to the traumatized lost souls of Ukraine. I hope the world will recognise Poland's humanitarian actions which so marked the first months of the war and continue to this day. In the world of technology I am humbled by the high level of English language skills I encounter possessed by almost all, but what has struck me most is the international mindset demonstrated. This global view of our world is found in the most surprising ways, e.g. IT outsourcing partners in Kenya, Azerbaijan investment groups and strong trade links into Asia. And of course, with free movement for Poles across the European Union, I can only look on with envious eyes while standing in a long slow queue at passport control." - Russell Dalgleish on his first visit to one of the great European cities.

The Wolves Summit events have a unique format which are designed to create "collisions" by matching participants for 15-minute meeting's and in the post below Russell invites those attending to reach out. The comments section also contains praise for Russell's "inspiring speech".

During a fireside chat, he was asked about his most important daily routines - meditation, exercise, and planning were all named as staples but Russell wanted to especially highlight the time he allocates every day to generating new leads for the sales pipeline. Cold calls are not the answer, but instead he relies on his network, established over decades and ask them to help. Russell encourages you to start building yours every day too!

To engage with the original post, follow this link: Speaking in Warsaw - Russell Dalgleish - LinkedIn and if you would like to book Russell to speak at your next event, then please do Get In Touch.

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