Russell speaks at Nova Scotian diaspora event

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March 2024

Having co-founded a global voluntary organisation connecting the Scottish diaspora (Scottish Business Network), Russell Dalgleish is delighted to be able to share his learnings with others wanting to make a difference in this sector. In March 2024, Russell was invited to speak at the inaugural gathering of the Nova Scotian community in London.

"I was at the London launch of Nova Scotia's business diaspora "bluenosers" community in London led by the province's favourite son Sean Meister. It's been inspiring to witness this Canadian community, with deep Scottish roots, come together globally. I've been privileged over the last two years to share with Sean my own experience of "what works" and possibly more importantly "what doesn't" - I'm a true expert on that part ! I am delighted to report that the Global Bluenosers (a term coined by those from the territory) is flourishing. The warmth and excitement in the room was wonderful to behold and I was proud that Scottish Business Network was able to support this initiative." - Russell Dalgleish, Founding Chair of SBN.

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