Digital DNA Glasgow 2022

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Sep 2022

The Scottish Business Network partnered with Digital DNA at the SEC Glasgow as part of the world-renowned Scottish International Week 2022. The Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council backed this city-first event and it proved to be a huge success for the Scottish tech ecosystem.

Russell Dalgleish, Christine Esson and Fiona McKinnon took to the stage to share the benefits of becoming part of the SBN community and explained how to formulate your "ask" by making it a specific, precise question, defined in terms non-industry experts can understand.

"We've discovered many things while building Scottish Business Network but one of the most profound is refining how to use your "ask" to mobilise members of our diaspora to help you. This help could be opening a door, providing advice, making an introduction, assisting with fundraising, suggesting key hires or really anything else you can think of. We were provided with the challenge of explaining the "ask" process at the superb Digital DNA event. Now I should explain that this session was not rehearsed and our focus was on getting the message across clearly to our Glasgow audience - anyone who has ever attended one of our events will "know the form". Please forgive us for any slip-of-the-tongue and if you encounter any translation issues I'm here to help!" - Russell Dalgleish, Speaker

Read more details about the event here: Russell Dalgleish - News - Glasgow's First Digital DNA Event and if you would like to invite Russell to speak at your organisation or event then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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