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Nov 2022

Russell Dalgleish was selected to speak on the TEDxWoodLane stage in front of a live audience at White City House, London. In this insightful & inspiring talk, Russell speaks on the 'the power of communities', shares why asking for help is the most important idea in business and how to make a global impact.

The goal of TEDx events is to spark conversation, connection and community...if you read the comments on YouTube you'll see he's done just that!

TEDxWoodLane also featured other marvellous speakers covering some of the most pressing topics of our time from Climate Action to the Metaverse, Creativity to Mental Resilience.

This was in fact Russell's 2nd TEDx talk with the first delivered at Edinburgh Napier University: Now-is-the-time-to-be-brave.

Let us know what you think! Here is just some of the feedback thus far:

"Brilliant TEDx talk... authentic, humorous and eye opening. I've had the pleasure of seeing Russell take to the stage at various conferences globally and he never fails to leave me inspired and moved to action." - @rebeccaleah812
" 'The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members'. Community is so so important as its a sense of sharing, knowledge, understanding and friendship. I love how you chose to build and create a new community and in these days it would be known as disruptive (in a positive way). Such an interesting talk Russell especially having got to know you, I can relate to you on so many topics and so inspiring to see what you have achieved having come from a small little village in Scotland." - @craigg7826
"A lot to unpack from a great short talk that certainly packs a punch! As someone who is a part of the Scottish global diaspora - and has been for a considerably long period of time - and now looking at returning to Scotland next year - the community I have here in Australia has borne me through the trials and successes of life. The inception and the growth of Scottish Business Network is one that inspires, and I look forward to paying it forward, where and whenever I can." - @johnholt6860
"An excellent reminder of the power of asking for help; and how communities are full of people who can respond generously to such requests. And also a reminder to reflect on how well we are playing into the communities we are members of. What do I need? What can I give? What’s on? How can I support etc.. Great work Russell. You are a great catalyst and connector." - @thefreshairleadershipcompa9300
"Really enjoyed your talk on community. few key things I took from it were especially as Irish/Scottish we've gotten really bad at putting barriers up before we consider asking those for help. There's no feat to mean without the help of others all working as community. Another thing I've taken is that there is a community that suits everyone. Sometimes the community you first appear in or have thrusted upon you isn't the one that rings true with you. But when you make your interests and ambitions more apparent, quickly you can find individuals from all other corners of the globe who share your mindset and will want to build amazing things alongside you." - @andrewbarnes200
"Love the closing statement 'the power of a community will change the world for the better'.  Fantastic talk." - @coachcatcripps4382

If you would like to invite Russell to speak at your organisation or event then please do GET IN TOUCH.

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