Uncover opportunities in Singapore and South East Asia through SBN's QSeries

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July 27, 2022

Brought to you by the Scottish Business Network, the QSeries shares insights from world renowned experts and connects communities globally. The 27th of July will see another day of these free-to-attend and open-to-all online conferences, this time identifying new opportunities for collaboration between the technology ecosystem in Scotland and the thriving community in Singapore.

"If you attended our previous QSeries events where we looked at Boston and Tallinn you'll know what to expect… Great speakers, highly valuable content and a unique networking opportunity." - Russell Dalgleish, Chair and Co-Founder of SBN

The island city-state is fast becoming known as a premier hotspot for business and technological innovation in Asia—and with good reason. Singapore boasts a highly strategic location, a burgeoning talent pool, generous government funding, and an abundance of connections to tech conglomerates and other major players in the industry.

This project is delivered with the support of The Scottish Government as part of the Scottish Tech Ecosystem project which looks to build bridges between the Scottish Tech community and key areas of Tech excellence around the world.

Through the support of Scottish Business Network members in South East Asia and SBN's Ambassador for Singapore - Fraser Morrison, some truly super speakers have been secured who you won't have heard from before:

  • Gavin McClement; Managing Director of Novartec, managing the development of startups in Asia and Europe
  • Claus Nehmzow; Innovation Advisor for early-stage companies in green energy, robotics, and space tech
  • Mark Skinner; Managing Director of Scotsbridge Ltd, assisting companies to export to South East Asia
  • Ne Lwin; South East Asia Business Development Professional MBA
  • Edwin Lee; Chief Executive Officer of Focus Digitech, one of Asia's most trusted digital technology providers
  • + a few surprise guests to be announced

So who is the event for?

1. For early-stage tech companies this is an opportunity to explore why Singapore and South East Asia is a market you cannot ignore.

2. For established companies looking to expand their presence in South East Asia this is a chance to make new connections and establish new collaborative opportunities.

3. For any organisation looking to work with new partners in the region our networking session will be perfect for you as our speakers and supporters open up their networks to help you. Come prepared with specific questions.

If this sounds like you then make sure to register here to join live & access the recordings: QUAICH Events by SBN (heysummit.com)

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