Russell delivers TEDx Talk at White City House London!

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October 2022

Russell's talk at TEDxWoodlane has now been published! Be sure to watch, like and comment here: We are Community | Russell Dalgleish | TEDxWoodLane - YouTube

Russell has received tremendous feedback following his talk on the subject of 'the power of communities' at TEDxWoodlane. He delivered the talk in front of a live audience (each receiving their free NFT) at White City House London alongside fellow speakers: Jamila Brown, Amelia Kallman, Lena Chauhan, Stephanie Itimi, John Vial, Amardeep Singh Shakhon, Gurmit Shakhon and Richard Pearson.

"Much of the discussion has been the need to address global challenges from Climate Change to Inequality and I remain convinced that we can achieve nothing alone but together perhaps we can move the dial. If the success of Scottish Business Network proves one thing, surely it's that people exist across the world who share a common passion and a desire to contribute. Our role is to seek them out, connect, and find ways to collaborate." - Russell Dalgleish, TEDx Speaker 2022

The goal of TEDx events is to spark conversation, connection and community and you can read about Russell's intentions and thoughts whilst in preparation for the sell-out event here: Russell Dalgleish selected to deliver TEDx talk in London.

We hope you enjoy this TEDx talk by Russell Dalgleish and look forward to hearing your comments! Watch here: We are Community | Russell Dalgleish | TEDxWoodLane - YouTube

If you would like Russell to speak at your next event then please do get in touch!

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